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The name given, Fatin Adawiyah but much more comfortable if you could call me by the name, Fatin/Fatina/Tina. Any of these 3, it'll be fine with me.

Trust me I am a petite girl with a big heart.🙈 In July 2017, I'll be turning 26 years old. 

I'm a cat owner. I have two cats and I love both of them so much.💖

I am an avid reader, I love reading. Reading is one way to escape reality into the imagination world with the books I read. 📚

I mostly blog about books and also on lifestyles. I am very passionate on my blog, ever since, I started to blog again on May 2016. I will never stop blogging again, as it has become part of my life and I love with what I'm doing right now and hopefully, I could expand my blog to the much higher level and hoping that all the posts that I share will be worth for all of you. 💕

Anyway, any inquiries, you may contact me at - fatinamdzfrblog@yahoo.com ❤️



  1. aumm very shy shy ah? ahaks xD hello kak fatin :*

    1. I'm very shy shy one maaa :P
      aww, terasa diri ku begitu tua sudah hahaha :P
      hai adik Eyqa!! :D


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