Mini Monthly | Mini February Wrap Up

March 2, 2017

The fact that it's already March makes me wonder what I have been doing in the whole month of February? I felt like that month isn't finish yet just because it is only 28 days in February. Instead of the usual monthly wrap up post I have had been doing since September 2016, in this post I will doing the same format as Fatina's Things, just because. So, let just follow where my brain lead me to.

Let's go.

1. In February is one of my close friend's wedding solemnization. I think I have mentioned before I have more boy friends than girl friends. That being said, I have only one girl friend and she already married last year with one of the boys, so practically both of them are my best friends 😁 Thus, out of 7 boys, 2 of them already married another 5 to go excluding myself (being the only girl that hasn't find a boyfriend yet.) 😂😂 Anyhow, May Allah swt bless your marriage :)

2. February has been one of the best month for me. I've been hangout with my closed friends after so long haven't meet them. It feels great! 

3. As usual I'm going to mention about books. I have read 10 books last month and that's quite amount of books I have ever read in a month. No, I didn't realize I have read that much. But I won't mention here the book list like I make in previous post because I'm thinking to do in one special post on that. Stay tune for that. p/s: I want to post a photo of books I have read but I figure that I should just wait that special post to talk about it. hiks

4. Oh! I love Moana! The movie, characters, songs, graphic everything is just perfect! I really love it very much 😍 Rating : 5 out of 5 stars


5. After Goblin, I didn't watch any other korean drama not until Strong Woman Do Bong Soon start to air last week. I got hook right from the start. Looking forward to new episode every week! If you haven't watch yet, well give it a try then and see if you like it :)

korean drama

6. March going to be really busy with works (of course!) also my precious blog. I have two upcoming post that I looking forward to do it. One is for Blog Tour (it's about books) also collaboration post with my bff and again that's also books! hiks Other than that, if I have anything good to share with you, I will update it from time to time on Fatina's Things. ;)

pssst : I'm sorry for not yet replying your comments in my previous post. I will get back to reply your comments on Thursday evening. Insha Allah. 😘

There you go my 6 points of what happened in February. The reason I'm doing it like this way is because this week will be so hectic with my works, hence, February in 6 points. Hopefully, next month I'm going to the usual things like I do every single month. Just only now I'm in the middle of things that I need to make it done as soon as possible. Anyways, enjoy the post! May March will bring more joyous and happiness in our life. Have a bless Thursday :)

What is the best thing happened to you in February?

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